Tub Shower Diverter Problems

Nov 8th

Shower diverter – Most modern faucets place the switching valve in the bathtub spout where you pull up or push down on to change to a small rod in which the flow of water is directed. The change-over valve and the rod which controls the valve may be located in the front or rear portion of the spout of the bathtub’s. Older cranes on a third handle for diverter located between the hot and cold water control levers.

Valves Shower Diverter
Valves Shower Diverter

When the shower diverter valve no longer works, you will notice that water from the spout of the bath when the diverter switches to direct all water flow to the shower head. As more water from the bathtub spout flows, the pressure of the water for the shower head. Once you notice that the diverter fails, take action to restore full operation pressure of the shower.

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In older arresters, which are located between the hot and cold water handles, you must switch from the valve assembly in the same way you would repair the valve if it leaks replace water. You need to shut the water in the house at the main water valve. Remove the screw that sits in the middle of the handle of the diverter’s, and pull the handle. Remove any other metal tubes or retaining nut and use a wrench to turn the shower diverter valve stem from the valve. Or replacement of wearing parts in the valve or replace the entire valve before one tap.

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