How to Spot Prefab Cabinets

Jan 17th

Prefab cabinets – Prefabricated unfinished oak cabinetry is a rare find in furniture or home improvement stores. Unfinished housing is desirable because it can be done with any color you want. Install the cabinets, or have them installed before staining. The installation can damage colored wood surface.

Wooden Prefab Cabinets
Wooden Prefab Cabinets

Remove cabinet doors and all hardware from wooden surfaces that require staining with a drill. The hardware will be attached to the tree with either screws or bolts, the hinges screwed into the wood and door handles and pulls the drawer will be bolted to the wood. Use a Phillips bit to remove screws and bolts. Save all hardware in one place, as in a bucket, so that none of the pieces disappear.  Fill dings, scrapes, holes and other surface blemishes in the wood surface with stainable wood filler. Allow the wood filler to dry according to package instructions. Sand the unfinished oak surface and the wood filler with 150-grit sandpaper and an orbital sander. A detail sander may come in handy if the prefab cabinets have fine details.

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Remove the sawdust from the surface of the wood by means of a combination of compressed air and a tack cloth. Compressed air will remove a large majority of sawdust and tack cloth to remove what is left over. Apply stain to the prepared wood surface with a foam brush. Allow the spot to sit on the surface of the prefab cabinets for a few minutes for maximum penetration. Wipe the excess stain from the stained surface with a clean cloth rags. Repeat this process for all unfinished wood surfaces. Allow the stain to dry according to manufacturer recommendations.

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