Simple Refinishing Cabinets

Dec 24th

Refinishing cabinets – When you are sick and tired of old kitchen cabinets, do not go out and replace them immediately if their current structure is intact. Consider cheaper option of painting them. There are many types of paint products out there, depending on type of cabinet surface you have now, and what kind of you look want.

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If body or doors of your cabinets are made of laminate, you will not be able to staining, and you may have trouble getting paint properly follow. You can buy new laminate that can be placed in refinishing cabinets with peel-and-pressure glue. You first cut laminate pieces slightly larger than closet area, and then cut off excess with a razor. Make sure that previous layer of laminate is firmly attached to cabinets, otherwise new laminate loose.

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You cannot usually think of painting as a form of painting, but it is a perfectly legitimate one of refinishing cabinets. However, painting of fine woods like oak or cherry usually not recommended, consider painting your cabinets if tree does not have a natural beauty is worth showing. Oil paint gives cabinets a hard, classic lustrous appearance, but they are much harder to work with than water-based paint. Oil painting require more drying and paint thinner for cleanup, and you may find that difference is not remarkable enough to justify extra effort. Whatever paint you choose, apply several thin layers rather than ยจ|t or two thick ones, and always be looking for drips.

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