Pros and Cons Frameless Cabinets

Nov 5th

Frameless cabinets – There are two basic types of cabinets available for domestic purposes: framed and frameless. Like all decisions relating to a home, weigh the pros and cons of the cabinet before the installation will determine whether the cabinet is the best choice for personal preferences and needs.

wooden frameless cabinets

In a comparison with framed style of cabinets, frameless is not as strong. This is because the frame which adds strength and stability to the framed boxes. In some areas, this lack of strength to be a problem, such as areas where there are problems such as earthquakes, which can damage the cabinet. Frameless cabinets installation is more involved than the boxed counterparts, resulting in higher installation times to get the cabinet into its correct position. This means more time for installation appointments and stay away from preferred activities for a long time.

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The cost of making the cabinets are similar, but the longer installation time leads to higher costs for the cabinets installed by a professional installer. Aesthetics frameless cabinets either an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on personal taste. The frameless cabinets are stylish and modern in appearance, while the framed cabinet has a classic look. Those who prefer a classic style in the kitchen is likely to find the modern appearance of the cabinets unattractive.