How to Install Shower Rods

May 19th

Shower rods – When installing your shower curtain rod, so be sure to mount it high enough that the shower curtain will not drag on the floor. It must also be at the proper height to protect the outer layer of the curtain and the bathroom floor. Fortunately, twist-on shower rods are easy to adjust and will not cause any harm to your bathroom wall

Vintage Shower Rods
Vintage Shower Rods

Use a pencil to mark a spot on each side of the shower, where the rod will eventually mount.  Use the measuring tape to make sure that every brand has an equal distance away from the floor so bad rod will not be skewed. It is also important to ensure that trademarks are directly opposite each other. This can be ensured by measuring the distance from each brand to the shower rods wall.

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Take a shower rod and turn left to loosen it enough to fit in between the marks. Place the non-twisted end onto a field.  While holding non-convoluted end in place, twist the other end of the rod to the right, and make sure that when the holder is warm enough to let go, the other end is of the opposite pencil mark. Stop wringing when the shower rods to hold it up, but is still able to be adjusted as needed.  Take a step back and make sure the rod is evenly installed and running straight across. When the rod is mounted where you want, tight end a little more, until the rod is firmly in place.

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