Galley Kitchen Design for Small Room

Jan 9th

Galley kitchen design – Galley kitchens work well for small, such as small apartments spaces. Floor design ideas for small kitchens contain the same options as larger designs – tile, linoleum and hardwood. The advantage of facing a smaller room is that you can get more for your money, since the material cost will be lower than in large, open floor plans.

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Show floor of galley kitchen design putting along. For example, instead of putting smaller wooden boards vertically to the cabinets, put it horizontally so it runs along them. Another option is to create a focal point by placing a strip of ceramic tile in the center of the floor, surrounded by a tile of a different color on the edges. For a cheaper alternative, look for a design similar stripes on linoleum.

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For smaller or lofts, apartments floors continuous play is an option to ensure that all spaces are connected with other galley kitchen design is concerned about. For example, white tile throughout the house offer a palette of colors and other design elements to pop out. For a touch of difference in each room, add a little special item. For example, embed a medallion on the wooden floor right in front of the kitchen door or embed a right “carpet” tiles in front of the sink. scan design furniture – It all started somewhere at the beginning of the twentieth century. There were a lot of changes in the art, for example realism was surrealism. There was an explosion of new art movements. This also happened in architecture and industrial design.

Scandinavians have always been a little cocky. In terms of politics they remained for instance neutral in the war, and they do not join the euro. But also in art and design they have gone their separate ways. Namely they remained true to their crafts. Then the whole west passed on industrialization, Scandinavia turned their backs are not against the crafts. Of course they could not stay behind at one point, but they have always tried to keep the craft alive. The Design of Scandinavia is divided into all kinds of currents, of which the Danish Design is best known in name. This is mainly because the furniture from Denmark are very popular right now. There only does fall to make a distinction between the different Scandinavian countries, and thus the different currents. Each country, has its own characteristics which are reflected in the furniture. The furniture from Sweden are often made ​​of light-colored wood as opposed to Denmark where the furniture again are easily recognized by their dark woods like teak and rosewood. Finland specialized and leader in the field of bent plywood. As you can in the Scandinavian design one design, found in different versions. Take for example the bars chair, it is a traditional Scandinavian design, but they come in different versions.

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