Cool Things to Do with a Strobe Light

Jun 17th

Strobe light – You see objects in a couple of times a second, creating a distorted, and slow motion effect. Although the traditional uses in the modern world lies primarily in nightclubs, you can find lots of cool things to do with a strobe light. Always be careful when using a strobe light because it pulsed light causes epileptic events in some people.

Top Strobe Light
Top Strobe Light

Strobe Light Sport, Playing a game of table tennis or manifold is tricky enough. You need hand-eye coordination to deliver the little ball to the right place. But if you turn off the light and only uses strobe light to guide your hand, it’s a completely different game. Keep the room completely dark or add a black light for added effect. Use glow-in-the-dark paint to paint your table tennis table or draw lines or arrows on your indoor miniature golf game. Paint or use day-glow balls so everyone can see what they hit.

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Photo Session, Create wild pictures by adding a strobe light to the photo session. Photographing your friends, waving his arms up and down in a dark room, lit only by a strobe light. Because strobe gives light every few seconds, the resulting image appears as if your friend has several extra appendages. Has a long shutter speed of 15 seconds or more and photograph your desktop element in three different positions. You will need to move quickly to give this image an act appearance. After you click the first photo, move the stationary element in a bit then snap back. Repeat the same step again.