Top improvements being made to drone technology


Since the introduction of drones, they have captured the attention of people in different sectors. From real estate to armed forces to sports, drones have several applications in nearly every industry. Nowadays, there are even cheap drones. Even with the success of drones, there are areas manufacturers have identified that require continual improvement for drones to reach their true potential. This explains why tech experts and scientists across the world try to make upgrades and improvements to the current drone technology to eliminate its flaws. The following are areas where drone improvements are required:

Improvements in drone technology

Battery life

tg2wedf6chwed78ui22People flying drones are faced with a huge challenge as drones have limited battery life. In fact, drones as currently manufactured cannot remain on the air for more than one hour. This is because their batteries do not hold a lot of power. Fortunately, a lot of progress is being made in this area. Manufacturers have tried to incorporate powerful batteries to keep their drones in the air for an extended period. Others are exploring the idea of using solar panels to power the drones. This is expected in the near future.

Collision avoidance

Safety is an important aspect when it comes to drone technology. There is a great risk that drones would collide with various objects which come in their ways such as trees, power lines, and other drones. You can combat the risk by increasing safety of your drones. Manufacturers are contemplating on the idea of fitting drones with systems that make them detect the presence of objects on their way.


tg2wed7chwed87uj22Drones currently on the market ought to be controlled to a given extent by people from the ground. Thus, you need to pilot the drone remotely and direct it to its destination. Thus, drones can only be operated by a person who has the required skills. This is bound to change in the near future. Manufacturers are planning to release autopilot drones. These can fly without the need of a human pilot.


This is another important area of drone technology that has realized tremendous improvement. Currently, GPS is the main system used in navigation. However, it has several flaws that should be addressed by drone manufacturers. In fact, GPS is not reliable when flying a drone in a crowded environment such as towns with large buildings and forests. This is because signals get lost easily, and this can have a serious effect on your flight pattern.