The 10 highest rated accessories for android phones

Android phones come with the potential to be used to the maximum thanks to the accessories available in the market. In this post, we will discuss the some accessories for phones and how you could use them to enhance your experience with your gadget.

Portable power bank

Nothing is as annoying as a low battery mainly when you need to use your phone. Luckily, if you have a portable power bank, you will never have to worry again about a low battery. Some power banks can recharge your phone from zero to a hundred four times before you think of juicing them up.

Selfie stick

If you are tired of straining your hands trying to take perfect selfies, then a selfie stick will help you make excellent pictures. Most of them have Bluetooth that enables you to take photos with the click of a button. They are also collapsible to that they can fit into your pocket or purse without much difficulty.


Bluetooth headphones

If you are a workout enthusiast, then Bluetooth headphones will be ideal for your case if you like listening to music while training. They come in different designs and colors to make your selection process a stroll in the park.

Portable Bluetooth speaker

Currently, some portable Bluetooth speakers provide more than twelve hours of playback. Some of them are waterproof and can connect to more than two devices at a given moment. So if you are traveling or will be staying outdoors, you can still enjoy your music with a portable Bluetooth speaker.

Foldable Bluetooth keyboard

With advancements in technology, smart phones have become so powerful like computers. In fact, for many people, they act as a primary PC. However, the problem with using smart phones like computers is that their keypads are tiny and typing a long document can become a hard task. If you are among those that prefer working on their phones, you can purchase a rechargeable portable charger to ensure comfort while typing using your phone.

Wireless charging pad

If you are tired of using chargers with cable, you can buy a wireless charging pad instead to recharge your phone. The good news is that some wireless charging pads are charged your device four times faster chargers with cables. Before purchasing any wireless charging pad, it’s a grand idea to find out if its compatible with your phone.

Cradle clamp

If you like cycling for long distances then its better to keep track of your position. Why not let your phone do all the dirty work on your behalf. There are plenty of cradle clamps from your phone, but not all of them are created equal. You must look for one that is compatible with your phone and easy to use.

Waterproof phone casing

Whether you are spending your day beside the pool or at the beach, it’s essential to protect your smartphone. A waterproof casing will protect your phone up to a hundred feet under water. You won’t need to take your phone off the housing to use it.

Cell phone stand

If you are not using your phone or you need to charge it in the office, a cell phone stand will be hand. They are made to protect your phone from scratches.


Screen protector

A screen protector works to keep your screen in perfect shape. When unprotected your screen is prone to cracks and scratches that can lower its value.…