How to protect yourself online

We are living in an era where everything can now be done online. The sad part of it is that the more the people using the internet, the more the insecurity issues. This is why people are normally advised to take the necessary precautions whenever they are making use of the internet. With so many cases of people who have been robbed on the internet, being serious about your security is something that you should never overlook. Here are some of the things that you need to ensure that you are secure while doing your things on the internet.

Complex passwords

Various companies have been robed online because of having weak passwords. In fact, their research shows that people who have had to go through the bitter experience of being compromised online had weak passwords. It is quite unfortunate that people use weak passwords to protect important information. There are some hackers who have mastered the art of password guessing and you, therefore, need to ensure you passwords that cannot be guessed.

Do not open unknown emails

When browsing the internet, you are not supposed to open emails that whose sources you are not even sure. Hackers frequently make use social engineering to get whatever information that they want to perform their dirty work. One of the ways that they use is sending you messages where there is embedded software that is supposed to steal some information from your computer. If you suspect that some emails could be dangerous, then you better not open them.

Do not remember passwords

You also need to ditch the habit of remembering passwords on your browsers. As much as you believe that that laptop is private, someone phish may get access to it without your knowledge. Under such circumstances, you are likely to lose some of your important information that might lead to your online security being compromised.

Check the URLs

The more the technology advances, the more hackers also advances themselves. They make use of fake web pages to get the passwords that they are after. So before you start typing your passwords, you need to make sure that the URL is not fake so that you do not end up divulging your passwords to the wrong people.


It is a wise thing always to ensure that your computer has antivirus and firewall. Antivirus software has the ability to detect the inversion of malicious software and neutralize their effect. They also ensure that your system is up to date and giving you updates on the security of your system. You must google history clean every day so as to even be safer.