Start Saving Your Online Videos

man using a laptop

Everyone at home or their workplace must have a laptop or a PC. And internet is a necessity that is provided almost everywhere. So at this point, who hasn’t watched a video online? Probably everyone has used a lot of videos platform on the internet to listen to music, watch movies, follow a tutorial, study, and many other things. From cooking videos to animation, you can almost find everything that you wish to view on the internet. But watching videos online requires internet and not so little data. There are many reasons why you should start downloading your videos.

Save Time

at the officeSometimes you find yourself get caught up in watching too many online videos to the point that we are not doing whatever it is that we are supposed to do. Because when we are on the internet, and we see a good video suggestion, we didn’t have to think twice to watch it. What you need to start doing is to use to save the clip. So if there’s something that you would like to view in the future, there is no rush to do it right away since you have it on your laptop.

Archive it

Don’t depend on wi-fi and archive all of your videos. This way you can organize and have all kinds of video for many types of needs. For example, create a folder for all educational purposes, entertainment, and many else. Who knows if you might need or want to watch it later in three years or show it to a friend? Then you don’t have to bother looking it up on the internet and check whether it’s still available or not.


a girl with a laptopWhen you have it offline, you can access it anytime and anywhere that you want. It will be useful for occasions like outing and holidays to places that do not have strong wi-fi connection so you can’t stream the vids. Maybe you’re at the cabin, and you want to watch a movie, cartoon, any many other things.

It’s convenient

groupIt’s just overall more convenient this way, imagine if the creator of the video suddenly decides to take the video down, then you can never watch it again because you don’t have it with you. So it’s better to be save and take anything that you like to watch offline. This way you can rest assure that the information/entertainment is with you forever until you decided to delete it.