Beginner’s Guide to Choosing an Internet Plan for Your Business

Any business requires a reliable internet connection to boost its operations. Whether you are a purely online business or one that operates on both platforms, the internet determines how well you connect with your customers. It also determines how your websites perform and so, you should choose a plan that makes things better for you. You can compare NBN plans at their official website to see the one that suits your business.

With significant innovations being released every day, there is no doubt that the old technology is quickly being phased out. One of the things that you have to consider when looking for an internet plan is to choose the provider. This is the company that gives you the connection and is responsible for how it works. Most of the time, people find it difficult to choose the right provider. Use this beginner’s guide to choosing an internet plan for your business.

The connection speeds

internet speedWhether you want to respond to inquiries from customers, upload new products to your website, hold a webinar, or do anything else, speeds are an important factor to consider. A connection that is slow will slow down your operations. Your customers expect to have the fastest speeds when they connect with you. If they notice that speeds are affecting the kinds of services that you give to them, you can only expect them to look for solutions elsewhere. The best companies are those that keep upgrading their infrastructure to improve connection speeds.

The up-time

The up-time simply means that hours that the internet can run without interruption. Most businesses have been complaining that their operations are hampered by an internet connection that keeps going on and off. Indeed, if you are not sure whether the connection will be on all the time, especially when you need it most, you will be in real trouble. Imagine what will happen when you are in the middle of conversations or webinars, and your internet just goes off. This is a situation that will make you lose customers as well as revenue and so, you have to make sure that it does not happen.

Customer support

You also should look for an internet plan from a company that has good customer relations. They should be reachable anytime you want to help you solve some issues. We all know that even with the best infrastructure, technology sometimes fails. Some minor things could have you stuck, and so, you should be thinking of finding a company that will be reached immediately so that the problem is corrected. If you find out that they will take ages just to respond to your calls or emails, it shows that they are not a reliable company.


It is not possible to talk about internet connections for a business without mentioning the pricing. For a business, it is all about finding a plan that helps you to save money. However, as you look for the most affordable connections out there, do not forget about the importance of high-quality services.…

Factors to Consider When Purchasing A Camera Game

A Game camera is also known as a trail camera. These are the best cameras that are likely to take you where no other camera will. Most people have preferred this type of a camera because it has the best features that meet their various needs. Also, the beauty of this camera is that you do not have to be present for you to take the picture. This is because most of the game cameras can record a video or an image using a sensor that detects the movements.

A trail camera is a digital camera that records most of the image on the SD card that can enable it to transfer pictures to your laptop or computers. Also, some types of cameras can download photos to your computer. However, if you are a beginner, you are required to conduct a research and identify some of the buying tips that you need to consider before you decide to visit your market. Here are just some of the aspects you need to consider when purchasing a game camera.

Sensor range

lkuytredszxcvbnmYou need to determine a camera’s sensor range before you decide to make any decision. You need to consider this tip because it will help you to know the distance that you can use to detect the motion of a particular animal. Once you have arrived at the market, you will notice that some cameras range in the distance more especially from thirty fits to past hundred feet.


When you are buying the best game camera, make sure that you consider checking on the kind of batteries it uses. Before you consider looking at the batteries, you should know that they are categorized into three forms. However, trail cameras get their power from AA, C and D batteries. Batteries that last for long are likely to cost you a lot of money and vice versa. You need to consider purchasing higher-end cameras because they come with batteries that offer longer backup times.


lkuytredsxcvbnmThis is also another major factor you are supposed to remember when choosing your game camera. When considering the flash, you have two options: incandescent and infrared flash. Also, each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you need to be careful and make a wise decision. However, if you need quality color images, it is advisable to go for a camera with bright flash. Also, if you like night time recording, ensure that you buy one with infrared flash.…

The different types of sport watch

Sports watches are significant for athletes to wear more especially when training. There are various types of these watches, and they differ from other kinds of watches. Most of these watches are water resistant therefore they can quickly withstand pressure and other conditions that are too harsh for casual watches. Therefore, when you are buying your watch, make sure that you know some of the features to put into consideration.

It is important also to note that there are men’s sports watches and ladies’ sports watches. These two types of watches have different features that you need to know when planning to purchase them. There are some of the best forms of sports watches such Garmin Fenix. Therefore, if you want to buy this type of a watch, make sure that you check the reviews for the Garmin Fenix range. You will learn more concerning some of the aspects to consider when purchasing your sports watches. Here are the different types of sports watches.

Mountain climbing watch

oikuymtrsefsdzghjbkllThis watch is made mainly to keep in mind the various requirements of a mountaineer. Weather predictions, GPS systems are some of the elements of a mountaineer. Therefore, it is essential to know that this type of a watch has these features that will help a mountaineer with directions while climbing. Also, some types of this watch have a feature to measure the sea level. Therefore, make sure that you are aware of these features when buying this kind of a clock.

Swimmers watch

This is another type of sports watch you are required to know. The main feature it has is water resistance. When you are buying your swimmer watch, ensure that you consider this aspect. This feature, therefore, helps the sportsman to use it while swimming. It is essential also to note that these types of watches come in different shapes and sizes.

Running watchesoiuytrfdvcbnmkl;

These types of watches are for those on the run. Therefore, if you want to improve on your running, this is the best type of a watch you are recommended to purchase. This is because it tracks their running distance and speed. These, therefore, will help a runner to improve on their distance and speed every day.

It is crucial to note that most of these watches are also used as a fashion statement. That is why you are recommended to know some of these features when choosing your sports watch. Also, make sure that you know the exact brand to purchase.…

How to Choose The Best IT Company

Choosing an IT company can be a hard task if you are not sure of what you are looking for. That is why you need to take your time to research so that you will get the best and experienced company. If you are an entrepreneur, am sure that you have ever come across the services IT technicians. However, as a beginner, ensure that you ask around or take your time to gather all the relevant information you need concerning IT services.

Without gathering some of the proper information, you will end up making a mistake of selecting the wrong service providers for your business. It is important to note that there are many IT companies outside there that claim to offer quality services. For instance, IT company in Houston will give you the best services that you need. With the help of the following factors, you will truly choose the best company that will meet your various requirements.

Monitoring services

poiuytrdfcgvhjkWhen you are looking for the best IT company to hire, it is essential to check whether they provide monitoring services. Even though there are some of the companies that provide break-fix support, you will realize that there are many software packages that can monitor various machines. That is why you need to ensure that you hire a company that offers break-fix support because it reduces the calls to the IT support company.

Service packs and updates

You need to understand whether this company you are about to pick if they manage service packs and updates. Majorly, the software vendors release reliability and security vendors. These are very important to any secure and stable system. Therefore, there are some of the IT companies that will configure service packs and updates to install automatically. You need to know whether they monitor these activities and if they will charge you for these out-of-hours updates. Also, you need to ask whether the software updates are included in the contract before you decide to sign.


poiuytredfghjThis is another critical factor you are not supposed to forget when looking for an IT company to hire. You need to check on the background of the company and know the exact period they have been operating. You need to hire a company that has trained and experienced IT technicians. This will help you to get the best and quality services that will enable you to achieve your business objectives. Never should you hire a newly formed company because it might not have enough resources.…

Create Your Own Online Business in 2018

Whether you are someone that just graduated from university, have worked for ten years, or someone that is bored with being an employee, it is never too late or too soon to start your own online business. For those that want to try this out in 2018, prepare yourself with as much information as possible before jumping into it so you can at least get far and not fail in the online business making process. Here are the things that you need to do to become an online business owner.

Read successful business tips

shopIt will take forever for you to figure out everything about having an online business on your own, learn from those that have been through all kinds of things from triumph to failure, so you know what are the do’s and don’ts that you should apply in your company. One of the tips that you have to keep in people will tell you that you have to be ahead of your competitors, for example is using online management system through which can give you a lot of benefits.

Find the business idea

Now that you know how and what to do, you need to first look for the billion dollars idea that can get you rich. Talk to people and find inspirations anywhere you go and keep in mind that a great product or service is always something that can solve a lot of people’s problems. Be prepared because this is not an easy thing to do, but if it is not hard then everyone would have done it.

Create the business model canvas

keyboardIf you have no idea what business model canvas is, it is the time that you should search and understand how you need to utilize this way of mapping the future business of yours. From the production process to distribution, sales, finance, and marketing, this model will let you see the big picture of your online business idea and whether it is feasible or not.

Make the proposal

Once you have everything in your hand, the knowledge of a successful company, the idea, and you have figured out the business model canvas you can start making a proposal that will let you get investors. Though you need to make it attractive to the eye, do not forget that the most important part is you make your future investors understand how profitable your online business is for them.…

Significance of Broadcast Closed Captioning

Most people tend to relate closed captioning with people who are not able to hear, they can be deaf or the aged who have lost their sense of hearing. However, closed captioning covers a wide range of people including those without hearing disabilities. In TV broadcasting caption is essential since all ages of people watch TV. This is why most television stations have embraced closed caption in most of their programs.

Closed captioning involves the transforming of speech to text virtually. This means if you are watching a program, but you can’t hear what is being said then you can read the words which are shown on screen. If you have a program on TV that you want its content to be well received you should find a captioning company to offer the captioning services. Closed captioning is known to yield a lot. Discussed in this article are some of the benefits of closed captioning.

Boosts content retention

When you watch and read any content while you watch TV, you will be in a position to retain the information captionsmore unlike when you just watch a program without reading words. Comprehension is usually achieved when you can read and at the same listen to the sound of the program you are watching. If you have a program which needs to be aired and you would love to have the information well received and retained by viewers then closed caption will be the perfect way to do this.

Allows for viewer flexibility

There are times when viewers might want to watch your program, but they are in places where audio is not allowed or limited. For instance, if a viewer is in a noise place but want to watch your program then captioning will play a significant role in passing the message. The viewer will understand the message of the video without having to listen because he or she will be doing is reading the captioned text on the screen. A program which is captioned will be much flexible considering the times now where mobile devices are highly used. This will allow viewers to watch any content from anywhere.

Suits ESL viewers

It is also important to note that not all viewers use English as their first language. For some English is just a second language and they may lack full comprehension of it. Therefore captioning your content in any program you air will be a great advantage for such as individuals who don’t understand English well. They will follow the program more when they read that when they listen.…

How to protect yourself online

We are living in an era where everything can now be done online. The sad part of it is that the more the people using the internet, the more the insecurity issues. This is why people are normally advised to take the necessary precautions whenever they are making use of the internet. With so many cases of people who have been robbed on the internet, being serious about your security is something that you should never overlook. Here are some of the things that you need to ensure that you are secure while doing your things on the internet.

Complex passwords

Various companies have been robed online because of having weak passwords. In fact, their research shows that people who have had to go through the bitter experience of being compromised online had weak passwords. It is quite unfortunate that people use weak passwords to protect important information. There are some hackers who have mastered the art of password guessing and you, therefore, need to ensure you passwords that cannot be guessed.

Do not open unknown emails

When browsing the internet, you are not supposed to open emails that whose sources you are not even sure. Hackers frequently make use social engineering to get whatever information that they want to perform their dirty work. One of the ways that they use is sending you messages where there is embedded software that is supposed to steal some information from your computer. If you suspect that some emails could be dangerous, then you better not open them.

Do not remember passwords

You also need to ditch the habit of remembering passwords on your browsers. As much as you believe that that laptop is private, someone phish may get access to it without your knowledge. Under such circumstances, you are likely to lose some of your important information that might lead to your online security being compromised.

Check the URLs

The more the technology advances, the more hackers also advances themselves. They make use of fake web pages to get the passwords that they are after. So before you start typing your passwords, you need to make sure that the URL is not fake so that you do not end up divulging your passwords to the wrong people.


It is a wise thing always to ensure that your computer has antivirus and firewall. Antivirus software has the ability to detect the inversion of malicious software and neutralize their effect. They also ensure that your system is up to date and giving you updates on the security of your system. You must google history clean every day so as to even be safer.


Beginner’s Guide to Using Two-Ways Radio Communication

In a neighborhood communications environment, there are different ways to gather and collect information. One of the best ways of collecting data is by using a two-way radio communication. The use of emergency two-way radios has also increased in by different departments. Two-way radios come in two different types available to the public.

Types of two-way communication radios

walkie talkieWhat’s nice about these radios is they require no infrastructure. They only require fresh batteries and someone who is on the same channel, and with the same group code that you have. They are very effective with the utilization by core members in collecting and passing information back to the neighborhood into the command.

FRS radios have a limited range that is both good and bad. The good is that neighborhoods close to you who might be on the same frequency will not over talk your conversation. The bad is that unless you’re in the line of sight, your communications sometimes will be problematic. Local conditions do affect radio transmission. In this case, you will need to utilize a relay or a third person.

Features of a Two-way Radio

All radios regardless of their size shape or color, have common features. They’ll have an antenna, an on and off volume knob, a display screen and they will all have a push-to-talk button. These radios can select channels, group codes and to adjust the volume. As long as you have fresh batteries and your partner is on the same channel and group code that you’re on, you can speak to one another

How to Use a Two-way Radio Communication

There are two things you must remember when using a two-way radio. Always speak in a clear and concise voice, and you must push the “push to talk button” to speak, and you must release the push-to-talk button to listen. The channel must be the same channel as your team member. If you’re using privacy codes, you must also have the same privacy code.

Protocols when utilizing two-way radios

There are four different functions when speaking and listening on radio. The first one is contact. You are attempting to contact someone on your team by depressing the push-to-talk button and calling out that teams number. Acknowledgement is when that team that you’ve contacted responds to your call. Closure or a copy is utilized that you have understood the information and you are ready to proceed.

Setting up a neighborhood net

There are two different types of nets; a directed and closed net and multiple neighborhood nets with a directed or closed net, sometimes referred to as a conference call. A group on the same channel and with the same group code can all communicate with one another using the proper protocol that is a directed net.

A multiple neighborhood net is one where several neighborhoods with different frequencies can come together and discuss what incidents may be occurring in their neighborhood. By using a common channel, we encourage this type of group to be established. In other neighborhoods, volunteers are available to assist you in this effort


As you’ve seen, using two-way radio communication is easy. Please note that all your team members must be on the same frequency and utilize the same group code. You must have a supply of fresh batteries and remember to take your time and speak in a clear and concise voice. Push the “push to talk button” when speaking and release the push-to-talk button when listening.…

What is Mobile Data Collection?

For several years now, Magpi mobile data gathering — by SMS, app or voice — has driven the changeover from “large paper” into big data. However, the solution to the query “what is data gathering” relies on which era of time you are discussing: folks have been gathering info in the field as well as on the go for centuries.

This text discusses some of the “initial history” of mobile information gathering, the modern technology, and several likely future advances that will assist us to acquire an ever-more-precise comprehension of the topics of concern to us.

Pre-Historic Mobile Data Gathering: Medieval Organization Data

Mobile data gathering undertakings have occurred in numerous ways for centuries (ancient Egyptians were notably data-centric in the supervision of their territory. Among the most notable technique was the “major survey” demanded by King William of England in 1086. He sent data gatherers throughout the nation to ascertain the number people and livestock that occasioned “Domesday Book” of information.

In the initial 20th century folks such as Jerzy Neyman assisted to improve the figures, selection and sampling techniques that designed portions of the much-enhanced survey techniques of that century – and this occasioned the “big paper” insurgency in the quality and amount of data gathered on paper and accessible to both businesses and governments for action and planning.

The US Census Department, guaranteed by the Constitution to gather data from all households in the country for the annual census, was still capable of utilizing sampling for the very initial time in 1937 in a study of joblessness throughout the Great Depression.

Later scholars established new quick survey methods such as the 30×7 mass methodology utilized by the Extended Immunizations Program, designed – like initial sampling inventions – to allow more statistics to be gathered more rapidly and at a minor fee.

Until the 1990s, yet, all these methodologies were grounded on the usage of paper forms, therefore while a pencil and clipboard are theoretically “mobile”, today when we talk about mobile data gathering we are really discussing mobile electronic data gathering by use of SMS, mobile phones and other tools which were just innovated, or designed widely, in the past two eras or so. In the next segment, we shall discuss those innovations.

The 21st Century: Mobile Automated Data Collection

The initial paper about the utilization of mobile electronic info gathering in the health situation was documented nearly thirty years back, in 1989. That very initial work, nearly twenty years before the invention of iPhone acquainted us with contemporary smartphones. It was grounded in the utilization of outdated electronic gadgets such as the Psion, and the Palm Pilot. – These were the initial Magpi mobile platforms by the inventive name “EpiSurveyor”.

Of course, the unbelievable extent of mobile phones all over the world was a great computing development. Mobile data gathering has also extended and evolved. In “The Four Stages of Field info,“ we’ll explore the steady changes realized, and yet to be realized, on how mobile pervasive and mobile computing is changing data collection:

Use of Magpi iSMS to Gather Info devoid of going to the field

Phase 1 (1989 to present) – Swapping paper for tablets and phones – Since mobile gadgets were reasonably priced, imitating paper-based methodologies by conveyance data gatherers to the field with electronic gadgets.

Phase 2 (~2010 – present) – Eliminating data gathering excursions to the field – since mobile gadgets became cheap even to the poor: gathering info from folks in “the field” (staff, patients, citizens, beneficiaries) by use of their mobile gadgets, comprising IVR and SMS.

Phase 3 (only starting) – the Internet of Stuff– Such connectivity and computing extended beyond our gadgets to our homes, clothes, streets, and other places: data gathering by technologies devoid of human intervention.…

Start Saving Your Online Videos

Everyone at home or their workplace must have a laptop or a PC. And internet is a necessity that is provided almost everywhere. So at this point, who hasn’t watched a video online? Probably everyone has used a lot of videos platform on the internet to listen to music, watch movies, follow a tutorial, study, and many other things. From cooking videos to animation, you can almost find everything that you wish to view on the internet. But watching videos online requires internet and not so little data. There are many reasons why you should start downloading your videos.

Save Time

at the officeSometimes you find yourself get caught up in watching too many online videos to the point that we are not doing whatever it is that we are supposed to do. Because when we are on the internet, and we see a good video suggestion, we didn’t have to think twice to watch it. What you need to start doing is to use to save the clip. So if there’s something that you would like to view in the future, there is no rush to do it right away since you have it on your laptop.

Archive it

Don’t depend on wi-fi and archive all of your videos. This way you can organize and have all kinds of video for many types of needs. For example, create a folder for all educational purposes, entertainment, and many else. Who knows if you might need or want to watch it later in three years or show it to a friend? Then you don’t have to bother looking it up on the internet and check whether it’s still available or not.


a girl with a laptopWhen you have it offline, you can access it anytime and anywhere that you want. It will be useful for occasions like outing and holidays to places that do not have strong wi-fi connection so you can’t stream the vids. Maybe you’re at the cabin, and you want to watch a movie, cartoon, any many other things.

It’s convenient

groupIt’s just overall more convenient this way, imagine if the creator of the video suddenly decides to take the video down, then you can never watch it again because you don’t have it with you. So it’s better to be save and take anything that you like to watch offline. This way you can rest assure that the information/entertainment is with you forever until you decided to delete it.…

The 10 highest rated accessories for android phones

Android phones come with the potential to be used to the maximum thanks to the accessories available in the market. In this post, we will discuss the some accessories for phones and how you could use them to enhance your experience with your gadget.

Portable power bank

Nothing is as annoying as a low battery mainly when you need to use your phone. Luckily, if you have a portable power bank, you will never have to worry again about a low battery. Some power banks can recharge your phone from zero to a hundred four times before you think of juicing them up.

Selfie stick

If you are tired of straining your hands trying to take perfect selfies, then a selfie stick will help you make excellent pictures. Most of them have Bluetooth that enables you to take photos with the click of a button. They are also collapsible to that they can fit into your pocket or purse without much difficulty.


Bluetooth headphones

If you are a workout enthusiast, then Bluetooth headphones will be ideal for your case if you like listening to music while training. They come in different designs and colors to make your selection process a stroll in the park.

Portable Bluetooth speaker

Currently, some portable Bluetooth speakers provide more than twelve hours of playback. Some of them are waterproof and can connect to more than two devices at a given moment. So if you are traveling or will be staying outdoors, you can still enjoy your music with a portable Bluetooth speaker.

Foldable Bluetooth keyboard

With advancements in technology, smart phones have become so powerful like computers. In fact, for many people, they act as a primary PC. However, the problem with using smart phones like computers is that their keypads are tiny and typing a long document can become a hard task. If you are among those that prefer working on their phones, you can purchase a rechargeable portable charger to ensure comfort while typing using your phone.

Wireless charging pad

If you are tired of using chargers with cable, you can buy a wireless charging pad instead to recharge your phone. The good news is that some wireless charging pads are charged your device four times faster chargers with cables. Before purchasing any wireless charging pad, it’s a grand idea to find out if its compatible with your phone.

Cradle clamp

If you like cycling for long distances then its better to keep track of your position. Why not let your phone do all the dirty work on your behalf. There are plenty of cradle clamps from your phone, but not all of them are created equal. You must look for one that is compatible with your phone and easy to use.

Waterproof phone casing

Whether you are spending your day beside the pool or at the beach, it’s essential to protect your smartphone. A waterproof casing will protect your phone up to a hundred feet under water. You won’t need to take your phone off the housing to use it.

Cell phone stand

If you are not using your phone or you need to charge it in the office, a cell phone stand will be hand. They are made to protect your phone from scratches.


Screen protector

A screen protector works to keep your screen in perfect shape. When unprotected your screen is prone to cracks and scratches that can lower its value.…

Advantages of Xender

It is no secret that the advancements in the field of technology brought convenience to many individuals.  With that said, one good example is the arrival of an app called Xender. For those who have not heard of this app, Xender allows its users to transfer files. In short, Xender is a file sharing app. Of course, the web is flooded with other file sharing apps. However, Xender stands out from the crowd. If you are wondering if Xender is worth the hassle, keep on reading to learn the notable advantages of this app.



For starters, Xender is commendable for its sharing speed. As a matter of fact, a person can transfer a full movie under 1 minute. In addition, users of this file sharing app would not experience any glitches when moving files. Hence, if you are a person who thinks that time is always of the essence, then Xender is the perfect app for you.


Next, the best thing about Xender is the fact that you do not need to spend any dime to utilize this transfer app. Hence, this app is suitable for individuals who have a tight budget.


ZXCZXCZXAnother advantage of this transfer app is its flexibility. As a matter of fact, Xender is compatible with any operating system. In addition, any device can be used to utilize this file sharing app. With that said, anyone can get any app without thinking about the compatibility. Moreover, there is no language barrier on this app since Xender supports over 22 languages.


In case you do not know, Xender has many functions. For instance ,this app does not only work as a transfer app; it also manages files. Furthermore, this file sharing app can allow many users to transfer files in one go. This is because Xender allows up to four users to connect in one transfer.

Minimal Ads

In most cases, free file sharing apps are bombarded with too many unwanted ads. With Xender, the ads are minimal. As a matter of fact, Xender users can get rid of all the ads by downloading a Lucky patcher.

No Limitations

Another disadvantage of free apps is the fact that the functions are limited. For instance, with other transfer apps, you are only allowed to transfer a certain amount of file size. With Xender, the case is different since this file sharing app has no limitations on file sizes. As a matter of fact, users can transfer any file including movies.


Finally, another advantage that Xender brings to its users is its user-friendliness. As a matter of fact, the installation process of this file sharing app is a piece of cake. Moreover, the interface of Xender is interactive.


As we end this article, it is worth mentioning that Xender brings many advantages to the table. On that note, individuals who have not yet utilized this transfer app is encouraged to try it.…

Why Choose Prepaid: Benefits of Prepaid Phones

Each type of phone service has its own advantages and disadvantages. All you need to do is determine the type of phone service that is suitable for you and your needs and that which can complement your lifestyle well. To settle on the best, you are supposed to weigh in on the pros and cons of the phone services provider as well as the prepaid services that they offer so that you can determine which package is best for you. In recent times, prepaid phones have enjoyed increased popularity. You will realize that they are becoming the most popular type of phones in use and this is for the right reasons. In this article, we are going to take an in-depth look at some of the benefits that one can get from having prepaid phones.

Benefits of prepaid phones

No contract

The major and most visible benefit that one can get is that one does not sign a contract between themselves and the provider of prepaid phone service. As opposed to the use of the traditional cellphones, it is upon you to make a decision on how long you want to use the cell phone and you will not need to worry about incurring any penalties in the event that you break any contract if at all there is one.

Control your budget

prepaid ratesOne other reason why these prepaid phones are gaining popularity is that with them, you are able to control your budget. This has become helpful more especially to those people who can not keep track of how much they can spend on their phones. When you are using prepaid phones, you are not subjected to any specific monthly charges, additionally, you may not use all the minutes and features that one is tempted to use when they are using the traditional phones. With prepaid rates, you are able to make a determination of how much you are willing to pay for your service and stick with that fixed rate. This way you will be able to stick to what you have set out to use.

No credit check

This particular benefit is meant for those individuals with bad credit but still, want to use phones for their convenience in carrying out their daily duties. When you are using the services of a prepaid phone, you are not required to make any credit check for whatever reason. You are automatically approved to use the service as the phone costs and charges are prepaid. This is not the case when one is using the traditional phones as one will have to constantly check the credit to ascertain that they have the appropriate credit so to secure the services of the phone.

No monthly bills

When you are using prepaid phones, one needs not to worry about paying phone bills each month. Additionally, you are not required to regularly send any payments out or make the payments online. All you need to do is that whenever you are ready, you only need to refill your minutes and you are good to go. As we have seen above, prepaid phones come with immense benefits to the user, but before making the final decision on which service to use, it is important that you make a determination on which one best suits you.…

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Fast Company takes a tour of the New Haven innovation ecosystem.
Fast Company – April 25, 2012

$5M to Help Create Connecticut’s “Innovation Ecosystem”
Independent Software was one of 20 companies/organizations awarded grants by the State of Connecticut in 2013 to help grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
New Haven Register – November 4, 2013
Startups in Connecticut Develop Software Talent Pipeline
NPR interview on our A100 program.
WNPR – October 7, 2013

Second Year for CTNext Measures Achievements and Raises Questions
Derek Koch, Independent Software’s CEO, discusses the challenges of building our entrepreneurial ecosystem.
The CT Mirror – September 11, 2013

Leading on the Leading Edge
Derek Koch, Independent Software’s CEO, was chosen as one of Greater New Haven’s Rising Stars in 2013.
Business New Haven – September 2013
Alliance Healthcare Fund Announces Investment in Targeted Instant Communications
Our client, Targeted Instant Communications, Inc. (TIC), successfully raised funding for the patent-pending IntelliBlast® communications system we developed.
PR Newswire – June 11, 2013

Connecticut Creates First Barns Trail in the Nation
We developed the CT Barns iPhone app to accompany the launch of the Connecticut Barns trail.
Danbury’s Hamlet Hub – June 30, 2013

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